Monika Schuberth





The practice of being with another

ContacTango is.a research form that keeps.showing us ways of comunication, composition and presence. 

It Is a practice of Deep trust and Joy, related tò music and space.

The questions that underline our practice are:

What kind of body and mind do we need  to be ready to dance ContacTango?

How can we be in the movement rather than do movement?

How can we fully dance ourself while being with another dancing?

Leilani Weis

Dedicated to the analysis of her own and others movement, she feels the dance deeply. She devotes herself to teaching and the creation of dance pieces. She believes in the creative cooperation with others from where she nourishes her art .

Miguel Strebel

Part of the contact dancers, artists and creators of Barcelona. Dragqueen and stiltswalker who has been dancing for over 30 years.  He is deeply interested in the rituality of performance. Friend of his friends.

Leilani Weis and Miguel Strebel meet in Barcelona in year 2000 researching Contact Improvisation with other dancers. They create and performeed at various festivals, events and where part of the firsts Jams in that city. Since 2015 they have been dancing and creating together, traveling teaching and performing CI and Contactango.


Friday 17th November 5pm-8pm Workshop

Saturday 18th November 10am-5pm Workshop and 7pm-10.30pm Jamilonga

Saturday 19h November 10am-3pm Workshop


Early Bird 180euro till 25th September

Regular Price 240euro


Institut Hara

Magdalenenstrasse 4

1060 Vienna

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Es gibt die Möglichkeit im Studio zu übernachten!

Unterrichtssprache ist englisch mit der Option auf eine Übersetzung ins deutsche. Falls du Fragen diesbezüglich hast, kannst du dich gerne bei mir melden. Gerne übersetze ich die Workshopbeschreibung!

Institut Hara: 1060 Wien, Dürergasse 19/ Magdalenenstraße 4